Casual Peacebuilding

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As much as I hate to admit it, maybe the hippies were right. Maybe if we’d all accepted the “love in” as a genuine form of conflict resolution, the world would be a more peaceful place. Just take the endangered Bonobo monkeys for example. These monkeys are 98.5% similar to humans and therefore fight, but before a fight becomes violent, they engage in an interesting mediation strategy. No, they don’t talk about their feelings, use “I” statements, practice active listening, or negotiate a settlement. They have sex. Brief, but apparently meaningful, sex. After an encounter, all problems are then solved and they can go about their other daily Bonobo activities, no hard feelings. I’m not sure the human world is ready for this approach, but just throwing it out there as an alternative. So, remember the Bonobo next time you’re trying to resolve a conflict.

Watch this short Nightline video to get a lesson in Bonobo peacebuilding.
Bonobo Chimps Practicing Conflict Resolution

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