The Problem with Peace

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The Problem with Peace

People often ask me what I studied in graduate school. International studies gets a knowing nod, conflict resolution is often received with a confused look. “What do you do with that?” people ask, not out of rudeness, just curiosity. I want to respond with, “build peace,” but am certain this answer will be unclear, insufficient, and seem too idealistic, even futile or childish. Perhaps this is because “peace” conjures us images like this:
Hippies Dancing

or this:
White Dove

or even this:
Peace Sign

It’s easy to make “peace” a part of the hippie liberal agenda, something only flighty individuals who can’t get a real job do, but Nobel peace laureate Jody Williams dispels this idea in this thought provoking TED video. Spend 10 minutes with Jody and learn a little about the true meaning of peace.

It was because of this pervasive notion that I decided to create a space for those who choose to build peace in this world every day; to give real-life examples of those putting this abstract idea into practice. This is challenging work that requires so much personal commitment and creativity, it is often difficult to remain inspired and dedicated. My hope is that Critical Peace can be a place devoted to reminding you why you do what you do, as well as simply provide a little more insight into the peacebuilding world. It is critical we understand peace so that we may create peace, however we choose to do so.

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